You may be thinking of marketing your own skills


You may be thinking of marketing your own skills

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Like a trained pilot, you’re on a mission in need of copious expression. First get understood by writing declarative copy. While that communication turns into valuable relationships, systems and gear must be checked before lift-off. Your destination won’t be reached cheap and you don’t have to break the bank but you must be professional. As a token to online professors, download this free gift:

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With projects in several municipalities, residents were informed of what was happening locally and how it affected them. Account Manager Orran Andrade at Howard Schaffer Media Marketing successfully marketed their story in numerous local newspapers.

The Goals

Editorial press coverage for local readership expressing:

Environmentally-friendly means

Cost effectiveness

Tax Savings

The Challenge

Writing engaging pitch letters to editorial jouralists showing research into their local communities. "What would grab the attention of local people here?"


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20 July, 2020


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