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An early entrepreneur, Orran began doing his own books then became a Tax Preparer, a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent and an NASD Life Insurance Advisor. However, creative ambitions led him to attend a ‘New Ivy’ and STEM University in Upstate New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

There, he wrote for RPI’s Statler & Waldorf Magazine; cast, directed and filmed projects; and participated in Theater. He started a career in Public Relations and later achieved Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International. 

With diverse interests, Orran traveled to Denver Colorado to complete a course in Household Management at Starkey International. There, he laid out the groundwork  for Starkey’s Household Management Software. 





For the past 15 years Orran has been employed as an English teacher in South Korea. While an Assistant Professor, he began his own Learning Management System with a website to keep students engaged. His website served as a replacement for the department’s Moodle system with quiz functions and other capabilities.

He also designed an Excel Gradebook to make modifications simply by changing the value in one cell. The grade book includes a multiple-choice classroom game integrating student names for participation.

During the pandemic, his audio/video home studio delighted teleconferencing visitors to Busan.


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Down to the technical ‘nuts and bolts’, Orran maintains whatever knowledge is needed not only for personal development, but also for sharing.

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