Media Case Study

A winning combination of Press Releases in traditonal media outlets and Video on Social Media.

Portadam, Inc.

A full service flood protection provider, Portadam offers a portfolio of rapidly deployable, modular, engineered systems that are customizable for many types of projects.

The Goal / Need

Brand Awareness via editorial press coverage in locations where municipal projects currently deploy Portadam for water diversion.

Aware that Civil Engineers are among those living in nearly every local community, we put confidence in knowing that word of the curiously new water diversion product would spread. The following was emphasized:


Cost effectiveness

Tax Savings

The Challenge

To identify media outlets covering local stories where Portadam was operating and to identify the journalist handling the community beat. What would resonates with the readership of that particular community?

Our Approach

PR Specialist Orran Andrade at Howard Schaffer Media Marketing is assigned the account.

After creating an angle that resonates with the local community, the story is pitched to an editorial journalists covering community news. Then an interview is arranged with a notable authority, in this case the President and C.E.O. of Portadam.  


Published in various newspapers. Front Page, above-the-fold coverage.

Stef Mouchie

Designer of fashionable women's clothing and Bespoke tailor services in the Toronto Canada area.

The Goal / Need

Soclal Media Marketing. Target Audience: Female, Age 22-55 within a ten mile radius of Toronto; all education levels.

The Challenge

Overcoming a fast-paced enviroment yet realizng the potential customer may very well be the proverbial "soccer mom" with varying degrees of education.

Our Approach

Social Media:

The Facebook users targeted interests include Cosmetics, Beauty, Dresses, Handbags, Sunglasses, Jewelry, Fragrances, Hair Products, etc. Professionals identified in Sales, Architecture, Administrative Services, Engineering and Banking industries.


Keyword research for volume, relevancy and ranking.

Public Relations Article on Website:



Expectations Exceeded (0.17 / Engagement)



Depending on the goal, Facebook reports different results, either Link Clicks or Thruplays. In this example, KRW 24000 ≈ USD 21.75


First Goal

Link clicks to website above 1%. A peak of 4.58% and average of 3.78% reached.

Second Goal

Video Thruplays are counted when the video is played for at least 15 seconds. 28.4% reached.


Service Details
+ USD 21.75 FB Cost
+ 10% VAT
Total: USD 220


Initial Awareness & Engagement + Continuous Search Value to Name Brand.

Levi Strauss

Marketing Project
Design a Campaign

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2006.

Our team found Levi's to be the Brand of choice at the time. 


Case Method Outline

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Bitcoin Video


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