Zoom Classes in 2021

Why use a Gradebook for Zoom classes in 2021? Because it'll be fun! The Gradebook download includes a multiple choice game utility for screen-sharing with Zoom Videoconferencing. No powerpoint programming required and much, much more to offer!


On the Guide tab, ruled paper is mimicked to communicate whatever you want. I have it here for instructions. To start the semester, go to the Set tab. Here you'll find all the gradebook tools you need. First, set the date and scroll down to change the courses you're offering and set the rubric for each course. 

If you have a different attendance policy you’re free to change the attendance values. Copy and paste the ID and name of your students. Some students drop during the semester so remove their names by right clicking the mouse and clear contents. For the multiple choice game, you can assign teams and students get points for their team so long as they’re in class. You're almost ready with your Gradebook for Zoom classes in 2021.

Now go to the classroom to choose your course and enter the course details. You determine what the value of each test will be. That’s also true for the assignments. The total is calculated automatically. The team members with the highest participation value get 100 percent. However, participation points are based on attendance, so the points are connected to individual attendance values.

Students are always interested in how well they did on the midterm exam. You have the option of showing them individually. The gradebook header in each class tells you how many students fall in what grade range.

You can be ready for Zoom classes in 2021 with Auxilliary Test for projects or assignments. If you need to curve grades, these values are important. For example, assume everyone gets 100 points on the final. Then go to the Set tab to see the graph. If your University administration asks for more A’s at the last minute, then you can adjust the value here. If I need more A’s in my Monday class only, I can adjust it and print the results. Then go to the next class and so on.

At the beginning of the semester, print the attendance sheet. At the end, print the report and student comments. The margins are formatted for one page to fit on a sheet of paper. You may need to check the format settings.

The game is what makes this Gradebook for Zoom classes in 2021 fun. Enter whatever questions you like in the dB tab. You have the option of using the database to filter the category and difficulty you want. Copy the questions into the unlocked cells on the MC tab and you’ll see the number of choices you get is half. So just paste the questions underneath and you’re good to go. You need at least 4 answers for all the choices to work. If you want your choices to be more randomized set the random number to 2 and make another duplicate of your list. It works best with longer lists. There’s a generous amount of questions you can make. Go back to your classroom and have fun.

If you find the Gradebook useful, you may want to begin your own Learning Management System (LMS) as shown here. Also, find useful information on the site page.


Download this file (Game_Gradebook.xlsx)Game_Gradebook.xlsx
Easy to operate Gradebook for teachers