Don't Just Sit There! Avoid Coronary Artery Disease

According to the Cleveland Clinic, one out of six people who suffer from a heart attack as a result of coronary artery disease don’t make it to the hospital!  The coronary artery is the conduit that supplies blood to the heart muscle.  Either the disease or the restricted blood flow of this artery is the number one cause of death.  There is no question that an early death may staree us in the face—and you don’t even see it coming!

Do you remember the O.J. Simpson trial?  How about the famed teacher, Christa McAuliffe, and her fatal flight aboard the space shuttle Challenger?  While the passage of time seems fast and short, how quickly coronary heart disease can creep up on you. So you must watch your consuming lifestyle to avoid heart attack and Coronary Artery Disease. Sorry. But it must be asked. Do you smoke, eat primarily fast-food and have a sedentary lifestyle? Then time is fast running out! 

While you're not aware of it, what happens is atherosclerosis or Coronary Artery Disease.  At the same time your body is nourished with oxygen, the cholesterol that is found in so much of our food hitches along the same blood path and remains there.  According to the American College of Sports Medicine, when the HDL or high cholesterol is greater than 60 mg per dl., there is the risk that the heart will not receive its due oxygen.  To put it another way, the heart is choked! 

Although you may have a family history of heart disease (death before 55 and 65 for male and female family members respectively), you can still have a plan of prevention.  One, keep a regular program of daily activity, preferably aerobic exercise.  Even going for a brisk walk is good for the cardiovascular system.  Two, maintain healthy eating habits.  Rule of thumb, avoid food that contains the fat that is solid at room temperature.  Three, avoid smoking.  Since there is plenty of accumulated data concerning the risks associated with smoking, feel free to consult any of these sources, including the cigarette package.  Four and five, controlling obesity and stress are closely associated with the prior three points regarding your plan of prevention.

If you're a web designer like me, you must get out for regular exercise. Make it a habit to go for a walk daily. I'm fortunate to have this forest right near my home. Hopefully there's a trail in your neck of the woods. Besides a heart attack and coronary heart disease, there are other problems such as Uric Acid levels that give you painful gout conditions. We are at high risk. 

Set a time to get up from your chair and do some exercise