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A gradebook like no other, this one includes a multiple choice game utility for classroom projectors which can just as well be used for screen-sharing on Zoom Videoconferencing. No powerpoint programming required and much, much more to offer! See Video.

Download this file (Game_Gradebook.xlsx)Game_Gradebook.xlsx
Step One, Plan

The April 9, 2020 issue of Forbes Magazine predicted careers will change as a result of Covid-19. Information Technology Companies are now offering their products at a discount, competing for customers because of the sheer volume of startups. Now you can teach independently and affordably by following these steps. First, let me tell you my background.

My story began in 2007 as a videographer, documenting our school’s information session at Goldman Sachs in New York. What? The alumni worked eighty plus hour weeks! That wasn’t for me, so I started teaching English in an Asian country.

After three years our University’s Moodle system crashed. I used my winter vacation and set out to create my own teacher to student interactive platform. I was on my own and made so many mistakes. I want to share these easy steps so that others can make a smooth transition as an independent teacher or tutor professional with little investment—and it’s not expensive!

Besides a good running computer and fast connection, you should have the following gear: 

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